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TitleCJ "Beksul Brownie Mix" Full Scale Launch in Southeast Asia


CJ CheilJedang has launched "Beksul Brownie Mix" in Singapore last month. Currently 18 stores carry the Beksul Brownie mix and CJ expects to see the expansion of its full scale launch throughout the Southeast Asia shortly.

CJ is planning to have a great overseas expansion by providing increased amount of brownie mix to Singapore stores and by opening Tous Les Jours bakery shops in Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries. CJ CheilJedang expanded its production capacity by improving and expanding their facilities and adding English to their product packagings.
During the Asian Music Award (MAMA) in Singapore last month, CJ introduced its brownie product to the customers at the CJ Food World Fresh market. The positive marketing strategy had shown a great synergy effect on expanding both K-pop and K-food business.

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