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TitleCJ CheilJedang launches 'Tagatose', sweetener with anti-hyperglycemic effect


CJ CheilJedang is launching a new sweetener with anti-hyperglycemic effect, following CJ's launching of Xylose Sugar, healthier sugar known to inhibit the absorption of sucrose in the body.

CJ CheilJedang has published the Tagatose launching date to be 15th Dec. 2012. Tagatose contains similar sweetness level as sugar while suppressing blood glucose level. Tagatose is a functional ingredient with various healthful benefits which can be used to substitute sugar. CJ is expecting a strong positive reaction from diabetics and those who watch their weight.
Tagatose is an organic sweetener originated from natural sweet-tasting products such as milk, cheese, cacao, apples, and oranges. Tagatose has very low Glycemic Index (GI 3) which is only 5% of the sugar, and it has low calories (1.5kcal/g) which is only 30% of the sugar.

Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) approved CJ Tagatose health claim for its anti-hyperglycemic effect. CJ Tagatose is produced from natural galactose through a natural manufacturing enzyme conversion process. Tagatose is safe to use as a sugar substitution, and it has powerful application potential so it is expected to be used in many processed foods and confectionary goods.

Tagatose is a sugar substitutes, not an artificial sweetener. This is a beneficial fact for those who are trying to have healthier and natural diet.

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