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CJ batter mix is specially customized solution providing superior appearance and excellent crispiness. CJ seasoning is specially formulated curing agent improving taste and flavor.


  • Powder type
  • Shelf life : 1 year
  • Package variation
    • Dose : 500g, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg
    • Package : Paper bag, AL packing
  • Korean Pancake Mix

    Korean Pancake Mix

  • Frying Mix

    Frying Mix

  • Chicken Frying Mix

    Chicken Frying Mix

  • Korean Bread Crumbs

    Korean Bread Crumbs

  • Premium Cutlet Batter Mix

    Premium Cutlet Batter Mix

  • Fried Chicken Batter Mix

    Fried Chicken Batter Mix

  • Sweet&Sour Pork Batter Mix

    Sweet&Sour Pork Batter Mix

  • Frying Mix - M

    Frying Mix - M

  • Chicken Batter Mix (China)

    Chicken Batter Mix (China)

  • Nugget Batter Mix (China)

    Nugget Batter Mix (China)

  • Sweat & Spicy Sauce (China)

    Sweat & Spicy Sauce (China)


product spec infomation
  • Uses CJ's own ingredients manufactured under strict total quality control
  • Operates CJ's FSM (Food Safety Management) System
  • FSC 22000 (CJ CheilJedang, Korea)
  • HACCP (CJ CheilJedang, Korea)
  • ISC 20000 (CJ-Yihai(Kunshan), China)
  • HARAL (CJ-Yihai(Kunshan), China)
  • Various product portfolio
  • Various applications available
  • Good curling
  • Crunchy texture
  • Strong binding power
  • Also suitable for frozen product
  • Suggests customized recipe and formula focused on customers' process
  • Makes good appearance without additional process
  • Equalizes product quality
  • Provides technical service


product applications
Tempura Batter Tempura Batter
  • Seafood Tempura Batter
  • Vegetable Tempura Batter
Frying Batter Frying Batter
  • Fried Chicken Batter
  • Pork Cutlet Batter
  • Chicken Skewer Batter
  • Sweet-and-Sour Pork Batter
  • Chicken Nugget Batter
  • Garlic Chicken Batter
Seasonings Seasonings
  • Chicken Seasoning
  • Barbeque Seasoning